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LloydsPharmacy-ExtraCare Appoint Well-being Pharmacist

October 2016

A strategic relationship between LloydsPharmacy and The ExtraCare Charitable Trust has led to the creation of a new role that will help the Charity’s residents manage their health. 

Kim Davies has been appointed by LloydsPharmacy but will work on site across ExtraCare’s Retirement Schemes and Villages. She will contribute to the Charity’s Well-being Service which supports all residents to be proactive in managing their own health and she will specifically help optimise medicines usage for those residents with care needs.

Kim can undertake patient medicine reviews, provide feedback to GPs if conditions aren’t well controlled and monitor medicines administration and adherence. She will also support ExtraCare in preparing for CQC inspections. In addition, Kim will train staff, for instance, in administering eye drops and help advise on aids to foster independent living. Kim will be instrumental in medicines optimisation and sharing best practice across the Charity as well as working with ExtraCare’s specialist staff on its award-winning programme to support patients with dementia.

Kim brings a wealth of experience in both primary and secondary care from working in community and hospital pharmacy and as a primary care and senior medicines management pharmacist working closely with GPs and care homes.

She says: “When people get older their priorities change and the overall quality of life may become more important to them than the management of a specific condition. A GP will be looking at a patient and prescribing medicines for all their complex needs, which may involve statins, aspirin and additional medicines to counteract side effects of other medications. In fact, that patient may have one particular over-riding concern, be it their incontinence or their back pain that stops them sleeping. Some just want to be less drowsy so that they can take part in activities they enjoy most.

“I’m a big advocate of de-prescribing where appropriate so we can limit interactions, side effects and wastage. I work with patients to take a holistic view and support a patient-led consultation that may not always take place in a surgery.”

ExtraCare offers tailored activities for those residents with dementia , aiming to reduce the disabling effects of the condition. LloydsPharmacy has developed a partnership with Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer Scotland to raise awareness of dementia and improve access to information, advice and services, to improve the quality of life for people affected by dementia and Kim will proactively raise awareness to reduce avoidable risk factors in preventing dementia through healthy living and well-being promotion.

Kim concludes: “ExtraCare wants to help people remain fitter and healthier for longer so I’m looking forward to contributing to that work through making sure that the medicines are right for patient well-being but also proactively promoting healthy living through effective diet and lifestyle advice lowering the burden of avoidable ill health.”

Picture: Kim Davies

LloydsPharmacy has over 1800 pharmacies across the UK. These are based predominantly in community and health centre locations. The company employs over 17,000 staff and dispenses more than 150 million prescription items annually.

LloydsPharmacy is part of the Celesio Group; a leading international pharmaceutical wholesale and retail pharmacy company. With more than 38,000 employees, Celesio operates in 13 countries around the world, has about 1,900 pharmacies of its own and over 4,500 participants in brand partnership schemes. With 107 wholesale branches, Celesio supplies 50,000 pharmacies and hospitals every day with up to 130,000 pharmaceutical products. The services benefit a patient pool of about 15 million per day.

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The ExtraCare Charitable Trust enables older people to enjoy a healthier, happier and more independent future by integrating their homes, care and lifestyle. ExtraCare is a registered charity based in Coventry. It operates 4,020 homes within 14 retirement villages and 17 smaller housing schemes. Each village or scheme has 5 to 18 social, health and leisure facilities that are accessible to more than 4,400 residents, 3,000 volunteers and local people representing all age groups living in surrounding communities. ExtraCare’s 60 Charity Shops help fund care and well-being services for older people living in its villages and schemes.

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