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Fundraising at St Helens Retirement Village

14th August, 2015

Residents at Reeve Court in St Helens have been working hard to raise money for a new automated external defibrillator (AED) for the Village!

Reeve Court’s Patchwork Group have worked hard creating some fantastic pieces of work that they have been selling for £1 each.

The driving force behind the project is Ann Fraser. Ann, who is part of the Patchwork Group, has been round the Village selling the group’s patchwork hearts.

She also has links to the local church groups who hold talks at Reeve Court.

Village Activity Facilitator Josh Boardman said: “The local groups recognise the importance of Ann’s work and have also helped promote & purchase the hearts.

“It didn’t take Ann very long to raise £565, it’s no surprise as she sold hearts at the local hospital and got the rotary club involved in her quest to raise money.

“Well done Ann and the Patchwork Group!”

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