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ExtraCare's Summer Spectacular

11th August, 2016

A busy day of Olympic challenges, activities and entertainment kept ExtraCare residents fully occupied at the Summer Spectacular held in Coventry recently.

More than 600 visitors attended the event at the Heart of England Conference and Events Centre.

ExtraCare’s own Olympic Torch arrived from the Charity’s newest retirement village, Earlsdon Park in Coventry, and was welcomed by all the locations displaying banners decorated to represent an Olympic country. 

As well as Swan pedalo rides being available on the lake, the Olympic challenges on the day included air rifle shooting, archery, a giant buzz wire, target golf and grass darts.

Residents competed over the course of the day, and the location with the most points was crowned overall winner: New Oscott Village in Birmingham, followed by Nottingham’s Lark Hill Village, Bournville Gardens and St Oswald’s Village in Gloucester.

Each location also had a table to display a selection of arts and crafts. The theme this year was royalty to commemorate the Queen's 90th birthday. The exhibits were described as outstanding.

Locations were awarded the following bandings:

Bronze: Imperial Court, Verona Court, Camoys Court, Camoys Court, Terryspring Court, James Beattie House, St Dominic's Court, Broadway Gardens, School Court, St Oswald's Village, New Oscott Village, Beacon Park Village and Reeve Court Village

Silver: Rosewood Court, Seagrave Court, Yates Court, Bushfield Court, Berryhill Village, Lark Hill Village, Lovat Fields Village, Brunswick Gardens and St Crispin Village

Gold: Sunley Court, Brunel Court and Shenley Wood Village

Overall winners: Brunel Court and Shenley Wood Village

During the day there were also three separate presentations by ExtraCare’s gardening expert, Howard Drury, who announced the winners of the annual Garden in Bloom competition.

Garden Show Case Awards for the Midlands Section went to Broadway Gardens (gold), Bushfield Court (bronze), Brunel Court (gold) and James Beattie House (silver), as well as Bournville Gardens (bronze), Hagley Road (gold), New Oscott (gold), and Pannel Croft (silver).

Awards for the most improved scheme and most improved village went to Broadway Gardens and Hagley Road and the best regional scheme award went to Brunel Court and best regional village to Hagley Road. The Howard Drury award went to Sue from Hagley Road.

Northern Section awards went to schemes Camoys Court, School Court and St Dominic's Court (silver), Seagrave Court (gold) and villages, Beacon Park (gold), Berryhill (silver), Brunswick Gardens (silver), Lark Hill (gold), Reeve Court (silver).  The most improved site was Seagrave Court, and the best regional scheme award also went to Seagrave Court. The best regional village was Lark Hill and the joint winners of the Howard Drury awards were Seagrave Court and School Court.

South Section awards went to schemes Humber Court (silver), Imperial Court (silver), Princethorpe Court (bronze), Rosewood Court (gold), Sunley Court (gold), Terryspring Court (silver), Willowbrook (silver) and Yates Court (gold). Lovat Fields, St Crispin, Shenley Wood and St Oswald's were all awarded gold. The most improved site was Sunley Court, the best regional scheme was Sunley Court and the best regional village St Crispin. The Howard Drury award went to Shenley Wood Village.

Best of the best overall awards for schemes went to:
1st: Sunley Court (90 points)
2nd: Brunel Court (86 points)
3rd: Seagrave Court (84 points)

And best of the best awards for villages went to:
1st: Lark Hill (91 points)
2nd: St Crispin (90 points)
3rd: Hagley Road (89 points)

During the year all locations were asked to create photographs of themselves working on their projects and display them in an A2 frame. These were also marked and given banding scores. Bronze awards went to Beacon Park, Berryhill, Bournville Gardens, Bushfield Court, Camoys Court, Humber Court, James Beattie House, Lark Hill, Lovat Fields, New Oscott, Pannel Croft, Princethorpe Court, Reeve Court, St Oswald's, Sunley Court, Terryspring Court, Seagrave Court, Shenley Wood, St Crispin, Verona Court and Willowbrook. Silver went to Broadway Gardens, Brunel Court, Brunswick Gardens, Imperial Court and School Court. Hagley Road, St Dominic's Court and Yates Court were all awarded Gold, and the overall winner was St Dominic's Court.

To give the event a colourful carnival theme, residents were asked to dress up to represent the Olympic countries they had selected. Best Olympic costumes awards went to Shenley Wood (Brazil), Pannel Croft (Jamaica) and 3rd Brunel Court (Italy). Best Olympic banners awards went to Longbridge Village, Bournville Gardens and Brunswick Gardens.   

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