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ExtraCare wins LaingBuisson Healthcare Outcomes Award

12th November, 2015

The ExtraCare Charitable Trust’s Healthy Lifestyle Team has won the Healthcare Outcomes award at the 2015 LaingBuisson Awards.

The awards were looking for evidence of strong leadership and support, high standards of performance and effective and innovative delivery of services.

The ExtraCare Healthy Lifestyles Team has shown how older people’s health and independence can be sustained if housing is integrated with health and lifestyle services.

The team’s work includes ExtraCare’s Well-being Service and the Enriched Opportunities Programme®, which supports residents with dementia and dementia-related conditions. The Healthy Lifestyles Team also supports residents to access inclusive activity and volunteer opportunities, attend gyms and receive advice on housing and affordable living.

ExtraCare’s Well-being Service was the subject of a three-year research project with Aston University, which found:

Find out more about the Aston University research project.

Picture: Anna Selby, Manager of Lovat Fields Village, and Sue Frater from Lovat Fields Village, who accepted the award.

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