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ExtraCare Staff and Resident Volunteers Honoured for Their Support During Covid-19

Staff and resident volunteers across The ExtraCare Charitable Trust’s 20 retirement communities are being honoured for their tireless support during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A unique Roll of Recognition set up by The Associated Retirement Community Operators (ARCO) records the heartfelt words and voices of colleagues praising their fellow staff and resident volunteers. The praise highlights individuals’ outstanding efforts in going that ‘extra mile’ to ensure their retirement communities remain safe, happy, and healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

See the full ARCO Role of Recognition, identifying all those who have been honoured

At ExtraCare, 94 individuals have been nominated on the Roll of over 200 names from ARCO’s 28 retirement community operator members.  Comments recognise a variety of roles and categories including resident volunteers, care, support, maintenance, fitness and wellbeing staff, outstanding leadership and ‘amazing’ people. 

From devising socially distant exercise classes, to balcony sing-alongs, quizzes and VE Day celebrations, the ExtraCare nominations have highlighted the wealth of spirit and support within the charity’s retirement communities.

Keeping communities safe and well has been the charity’s highest priority; many of the ARCO Roll of Recognition’s heart-warming comments reflect this:

“We all are so thankful for her. She has made me feel safe but most of all cared about. I would like to say that this village, staff and volunteers have been exceptional throughout my now 12 weeks shielding, I owe them so much.” ExtraCare Charitable Trust Earlsdon Park Village Resident commenting on Diane P., Head Housekeeper and the Village Team.

“During this unprecedented period, all the staff have given 100%. The Location Manager is a true credit to ExtraCare.” ExtraCare Charitable Trust Wixams Village Resident commenting on the Staff Team and Manager.   

“Mohammed opened the grocery shop shortly before lockdown and made great efforts to extend the range and then kept his shop open seven days a week. He saw us not just as customers but as his responsibility, and he has made a real difference to the quality of life we could all have.”  ExtraCare Charitable Trust Hughenden Gardens Village Resident commenting on Mohammed G, the Village Shop Manager.

 “Gail works so hard in all aspects of the Village and will take on any problem. She will tackle anything from cleaning the pipes in the bar, to decorating the Village for special occasions, to tidying the lounge after a concert. There is nothing she won’t have a go at.”  ExtraCare Charitable Trust Hagley Road Village Resident commenting on resident volunteer, Gail H., Chair of the Residents Association.

ExtraCare Chief Executive, Mick Laverty, recognised ExtraCare’s immense community effort (which has involved up to 6,000 staff and resident volunteers) in the charity’s recently launched 'Your Safe with Us Video', as part of a reassurance message to residents and the wider public.  He comments:  

“We’ve had residents and staff working together as one big team and going beyond the call of duty to make sure we keep everybody safe and well.  So living in an ExtraCare location at a time like this has proved a really resilient place to be and a safe haven.”

ARCO Chief Executive, Michael Voges, comments:  “This pandemic has given us a time for renewed connection and community, even when isolating. It feels all the more important to ensure we keep a record of all the kindness, compassion and dedication to be found in Retirement Communities throughout the UK.”

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 The ExtraCare Charitable Trust:  ExtraCare is a registered charity established in 1988. Our vision is better lives for older people and our mission is creating sustainable communities that provide:

 To deliver our vision and mission we essentially do three things: we develop new villages, we operate villages and schemes, and we support our villages, schemes and our ‘extra-care’ model through fundraising, advocacy and research.

 Each of our 20 village and schemes has 5 to 18 social, health and leisure facilities that are accessible to our residents, volunteers and local people representing all age groups living in surrounding communities. We operate a chain of Charity Shops which help fund care and well-being services for older people living at our each of our locations.