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Birmingham Retirement Village Choir Seeks Instruments

20th March, 2017

A community choir in Pannel Croft Retirement Village in Birmingham is looking for donated instruments to help them continue performing.

The choir, which is known as Pannel Croft Village Choir, was formed three years ago and has around 20 members. In the past they have performed at various events including Christmas and Easter concerts both within the Village and for other organisations. They have even been asked to perform at funerals.

The instruments will be used in choir practices twice a week and also in a weekly church service that is held in the Village hall.

Shena Davidson, 63, choir leader and resident of Pannel Croft, says: “We are currently singing acapella style or paying a band to join us, which is expensive. We would love to have some instruments so we can enhance the performance of our shows.

“Adding instruments will increase our number of members and we will be able to do a lot more performances.”

There are also several health and well-being benefits to the choir: “Singing is very good for people who have had strokes, something I’ve experienced myself. It helps to strengthen the throat muscles and while some people who have had strokes can’t speak, they can sing and the choir gives them the chance to take part in Village activities.”

Nathan Duberry, Village Activities Facilitator at Pannel Croft, added: “The choir has a great social aspect, it gets residents and people from the community out and stops them from becoming isolated.”

If you would like to help the choir out please contact Nathan at 0121 503 1000 or email him at

Picture Caption: The Pannel Croft Choir L-R Shena Davidson, George Gordon, Bernice Brrows, Phyliss Williams, Shirley Mulraine, Winnifred Cobourne, Dillaria Bennet, Etega Wright, Merle Newel, Hyacinth Welcome

For more information please contact:
Rebecca Dillon, Communications Officer
Mobile: 07900988679