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St Oswald's Village - Pearl Broadbridge

Pearl Broadridge spent three months in hospital after she had a stroke. But when she came home to St Oswald’s Village in Gloucester her goal was to get back into the gym.

Now she is there most days, and she has made amazing progress with the help of the gym instructor and the care team at the Village.

Pearl, a widow in her seventies, moved into her apartment at the Village in 2010. A former theatre nurse, she naturally wanted to help other people and regularly called other residents to check on them and make sure they came down to the café for lunch. "Pearl tried to look after everybody else," said Tracey Moore, Head of Care at St Oswald’s.

Little did Pearl know that one day she would need help herself. The residents at St Oswald’s were there to support her after she came out of hospital in August 2015. "I have a lot of friends here. We always have happy times," she says.

The stroke affected Pearl’s right side, including her arm, her leg and her hand. At first she was having eight care visits a day. Now those care visits have been reduced to three.

Pearl can now make her way downstairs to the café independently in her wheelchair, to have lunch or coffee with her friends.  She can also manage independently in her apartment with the help of her wheelchair.

Tracey praised Pearl’s motivation and the progress she has made with her determination and the support of St Oswald’s.

"The first thing she wanted to do when she came home was go to the gym," Tracey recalls. Pearl can now stand up in the gym and can walk with the help of gym instructor Patrick Ansley. She also uses a cycling machine and takes part in exercise classes.

"Exercise has been very helpful," says Pearl.

Pearl’s mobility and her speech have improved. Tracey says seeing Pearl with a smile on her face makes it all worthwhile.

"She has recovered so well. I’m proud that we have been part of that," says Tracey. "She is a true inspiration."

Picture: Patrick, Pearl and Tracey

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