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New Oscott Village - Maisie Skinner

Maisie Skinner starts her day with a visit to the gym at New Oscott Village.

The great grandmother, who is in her eighties, goes every day for about an hour, except on Sundays when she goes to church. She also enjoys line dancing at the village and runs the Christian fellowship group with her 84 year old husband Albert on a Monday evening.

The couple met when Albert was just 16. ‘I was nursing and his mum was in my ward,’ Maisie recalls.

Now a great grandmother, Maisie is the same weight as she was when they married 63 years ago.

‘I really believe in exercise and keeping your weight down,’ she says.

Maisie and Albert ran an aquatic shop for 35 years. They moved into a two bedroomed shared ownership apartment at New Oscott when the village opened in 2010.

Maisie says she enjoys the company of the other residents and also going to events at the village. ‘You can do as much or as little as you want,’ she says. ‘If our family come we take them down to the restaurant which is lovely. We love living here.’

Picture: Mick Laverty, Chief Executive of The ExtraCare Charitable Trust with Maisie, David Hykin, Relationship Director at Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, and Chris Skelton, Finance Director at ExtraCare

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