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Longbridge Village - Megan Betteridge

“He didn’t just love every minute here, he loved every second.”

Megan Betteridge, 85, and husband John were married back in 1959. They moved to ExtraCare’s Longbridge Village shortly after it opened and enjoyed many happy times there. Here Megan discusses village life, the sense of friendship and her amazing 80th birthday party.

“My husband John used to work in the RAF and we spent many years living in North Wales before returning to the Midlands. When we moved to Longbridge Village we found a new home. John didn’t just love every minute here, he loved every second. The support and the care we have had here has been unbelievable. I wholeheartedly appreciate being here, I have nothing to complain about.

I used to be a warden for the elderly for over 20 years so you could say I am a people person. The village has many people like that. For my 80th birthday the village threw me a party, I wanted a tea party and Karen one of Longbridge’s staff members put a buffet on, I could not believe it, 80 to 90 residents ended up showing up for me. There were even daffodil bulbs at my party for everyone.

If I need care it’s there, I’m diabetic so I check in and let people know if I need anything, the same goes for any queries. Once we needed a new handrail, we mentioned it on Christmas Day and by Boxing Day we had the new rail.

I was a singer back in Wales and when I arrived here I became a part of the village choir which I love. What I enjoy the most here at Longbridge are the friendships I’ve made, I can turn to anyone here if I need them. John sadly passed away but before he went he knew how well I was taken care of at our village. I have two daughters and five grandchildren. My daughter Jane lives close by and visits often and my other daughter Susan helps with the Stay and Play intergenerational group by volunteering at the village. 

I had my eyes treated last year and I had to isolate. People in the village then sent food to me and even did my shopping, it was brilliant! If I’d been on my own, I don’t know how I would have coped.

To new residents I’d advise that you come to our village with an open mind and accept friendship. People can find their own level of what they want or need. I really can’t fault what I’ve got here”.

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Image Captions: Megan on her balcony.

                         Megan and John enjoying happy memories with their                                 family at Longbridge Village.