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Humber Court - Mike Robinson

Mike Robinson remains positive, despite being diagnosed with early onset dementia two years ago.

'I didn't sink in my chair; I'm not that sort of bloke. I just get on with it,' he says.

The diagnosis came after a GP referred him to a memory clinic. It wasn't a surprise. 'I was expecting it in a way,' he recalls. 'My responses weren't as quick as they used to be. I had to think.'

Mike, now 74, spent most of his working life in the retail industry and had run his own business. He always had a good memory, and after he moved to Humber Court in Coventry six years ago he used to run the quiz. 'Once I'd asked the question, without looking I knew what the answer was. My memory was spot on.'

During his time at Humber Court he won a fortnight's yachting holiday with ExtraCare and loved to get involved in everything that was going on. 'I was always there to have a go, to talk to laugh,' he says. 'We always had a lot of fun.'

It was his ex wife Maisie who noticed that Mike was forgetting dates, and that his memory wasn't as good as it used to be.

'It's true, I do forget things.' he says.  He keeps a diary and Maisie calls him every day. She makes his doctor's appointments and reminds him about things.
'It is steadily catching hold of me.' He says. 'It doesn't concern me somehow. I hope it's going to be slow.'

He still drives, he can still remember his old army number, he talks in detail about his jobs, and where he has lived, and his trips all over the world on holiday. 'It's not affecting me seriously," he says.

When he was diagnosed Mike says he felt down and wondered what was going to happen to him. But he says: 'I haven't stopped to think: "that's it, I'm over, that's me finished. I just thought: "I have just got to see what's going to happen."

Humber Court Manager Marion Cooper says Mike is having help from a Locksmith who is supporting a number of other residents who have cognitive and memory challenges.

She says early diagnosis of dementia is important. 'It helps us plan so that we can prepare better support for our residents in the future.'

Mike says: 'I'm in the right place. Everyone here treats me well. I'm a very fortunate man. I'm happy.'

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