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Hughenden Gardens - Pam Davis

Pam Davis, 91, has lived at Hughenden Gardens Village for over two years, she discusses the importance of companionship and how the staff have now become her friends.


“I was born in London before living in Bourne End, in Buckinghamshire for over 50 years. I was an accountant in High Wycombe before I retired. I married my husband back in 1953 but when he passed away in 2012 I found myself living alone.

Two years ago last November I moved into Hughenden Gardens, I was living at home on my own and I found it quite depressing. My son had heard of the village in High Wycombe and he suggested I went and had a look at it to see what I thought. I thought it was impressive! I decided it was much better than being at home, as all of my neighbours were younger and I didn’t have any companionship.

Everyone here does their very best. I like to have a chat sometimes, I’m quite the chatterbox. I also like my space and independence and it has been the right decision for me to move here. They do very well. The staff are lovely, that’s what matters. I feel safe.

I have attended several events when entertainers came in and put on music performances or evenings, those are very nice. The village is what I need, I can’t say I complain about much really. My favourite thing about Hughenden Gardens is my apartment. The apartment is ideal, for people with mobility issues, they are great, I don’t feel cramped and there’s lots of space.

I have a son and a daughter, my daughter lives in Uxbridge and pops over regularly and sorts my shopping. There’s a nice kitchen in the apartment, dependent on your capability you can cook your own food and do what you like or there’s the bistro. The staff support is great but the village is also good for independence too, you can have as much or as little company as you want.

Three times a day the carers come to check on me. Anything I need they can cover. They have become my friends, they pop in and see how I am. The staff are brilliant they are such lovely people, if they know you are poorly they will be here coming in and asking if you are alright. They are all very switched on, they know what they are talking about. They are lovely people doing a good job and they really care about you.”