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Hagley Road Village - Geoff Green

Hagley Road Village resident and former Structural Engineer Geoff Green says the gym at the Village has helped him enormously since having a stroke.

"I always used to enjoy being active, playing football and then golf. I was on the golf course when the stroke happened. It affected my left side and at first I couldn’t walk but I am walking reasonably well now even though I use a stick. 

"I started going to the gym, just to see how much I could do. Dan, the Fitness Instructor, was very helpful and showed me how to use the machines. There’s a special machine that works your legs and arms, it gets my muscles working which is excellent.

"I have certainly noticed a difference since I started using the gym. It has strengthened my legs, I can now walk further than I used to be able to and my balance is better. I can walk around the apartment without using my stick since I’ve used the gym. It feels like I am getting back towards something like a normal life.

"I go to the gym three times a week and look forward to going. I feel it is good mentally and physically. You get to know the people who go to there. I think is important for older people to keep fit, not just to extend your life but to make it more enjoyable.

"Having the stroke has changed my life but I am coming to terms with it more now. Life is much better. Hagley Road Village is definitely the best place for me to be. If you feel a little bit fed up there’s always someone to chat to."