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Camoys Court - Carol Jones

Carol Jones had up to nine epileptic attacks a day before she moved to Camoys Court. Now she has just two or three a month. She talks about the difference the move has made to her life.

I have had epilepsy for 46 years and I got used to living with it, I just had to. Before I moved in here I was having a lot of attacks. One day I was standing making a cup of coffee and as I was tipping the kettle I burnt my leg. I must have fallen back and hit the fridge. I don’t remember it.

I feel safer since I have been here. If I go to my room I don’t have to worry. I have an alarm.

Everybody, the staff and the residents, they are all nice to me.

I am renting a one bedroomed apartment and moved in on September 18 2012. Coming here has made me feel calmer, more relaxed. I feel like I can do everything.

I have been on stage singing and dancing for a talent show, wearing Victorian costume and a big blue bonnet. I have been to the theatre and out for pub lunches. It has been fantastic.

I said: ‘put me down for everything.’ I love going to different places.

I get involved in all the ExtraCare traditions. I made a floral display for Residents in Bloom. I created a dress with lights on which was worn on stage at ExtraCare’s Christmas Cracker Show at Birmingham Symphony Hall. I knitted children’s cardigans for the stall at our Christmas fair. I have just played bowls and this afternoon I am calling bingo.

I have also lost over a stone in weight and have had a new hairstyle.

When I was at home I worried about everything. Since I have been here I haven’t had any worries at all. I’m very happy.

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