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Bournville Gardens - Myfanwy Sinclair

Myfanwy Sinclair is one of the first people to have reserved an apartment at Bournville Gardens.

She lives in Selly Park, and says that the Village’s location, just 10 minutes from where she currently lives, makes it an ideal place for her.

She first heard about Bournville Gardens when a friend started thinking about moving to Hagley Road Village. After coming along to a Bournville Gardens information day, Myfanwy started attending the monthly Friends meetings, and put an early deposit down as soon as she could.

“Now I’ve got my apartment,” she says. “It’s one of the bigger ones, with a wrap around balcony, looking out over the gardens. I’m hoping to have a herb garden in pots on the balcony.”

Myfanwy says that her move to Bournville Gardens will also reassure her children. “They all live far away – my daughter is closest and she lives in Bristol,” she says. “My sons live in Kenya and California. I thought about moving to Bristol to be near Kate, but I have a life and friends here that I wouldn’t want to leave.”

Myfanwy moved in to her current home nearly 50 years ago. Now in her 80s, she has several lodgers and says she’s making the decision to move before it becomes a matter of urgency. “I don’t need to move anywhere at the moment, but I’d like to make the decision for myself now, while I've got the energy and the time to enjoy myself and contribute to life at the Village.

“I'm looking forward to making a lot of new friends. I think the Villages are a marvellous idea!”