ExtraCare Resident Stories

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media picture Pam Rossiter
Humber Court, Coventry
Receiving care

Pam Rossiter knows about care. She spent her career in social work. Now in her eighties, she is receiving care and is full of praise for the team at ExtraCare's Humber Court Retirement Scheme in Coventry where she has lived for the last two years.

media picture Maureen and Michael Rickards
Bournville Gardens, Birmingham
Moving to the Village

The kitchen table was the hardest to give away. It had been in the house for 40 years and held so many memories.

media picture Margery Crampton
Bournville Gardens, Birmingham
Moving to the Village

Margery Crampton read the letter at least 20 times before she phoned anyone. She looked at the words again and again in disbelief. She was being offered an apartment to rent at Bournville Gardens.

media picture Jean Humphreys
New Oscott Village, Birmingham
Dealing with grief

Jean and Pete met at the railway station when she was just 17. He was the young soldier who carried her case, then ate her sandwiches on the train. They were married for 52 years and when he died she said: ‘I felt as if my right arm had been cut off.’

media picture Marie McCamley
Earlsdon Park Village, Coventry
Moving to the Village and beating isolation

Marie McCamley knows what it is like to feel lonely. In the living room of her immaculate bungalow in Coventry she talked about the loneliness of watching television on her own with no-one to talk to; the fear of waking up in the middle of the night alone, terrified that someone had broken into her home, wondering if she had locked the back door.