ExtraCare Resident Stories

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media picture Rosina Luxford
Hughenden Gardens Village
Overcoming loneliness

Rosina Luxford, better known as Queenie, was one of the first to move into Hughenden Gardens Village. Queenie, in her nineties, tells how moving to Hughenden has helped her to deal with feelings of loneliness after her husband passed away.


media picture Richard Nursey
Hughenden Gardens Village
Youngest resident

Richard Nursey, 54, is the youngest resident at Hughenden Gardens Village. He moved to the village in July and so far is happy he moved.

media picture Peter Deaton
Lark Hill Village, Nottingham
Otago fitness classes

Peter Deaton lives at Lark Hill Village in Nottingham and has peripheral neuropathy, which has led to nerve damage in his feet.

media picture Geoff Green
Hagley Road Village, Birmingham
Staying fit in the gym

Hagley Road Village resident and former Structural Engineer Geoff Green says the gym at the Village has helped him enormously since having a stroke.

media picture Winifred McLaren
Hagley Road Village, Birmingham
Receiving care

“I am so happy,” says great-grandmother Winifred McLaren, whose life has been transformed since she moved into ExtraCare’s Hagley Road Village.