ExtraCare Resident Stories

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media picture Ken Pidcock
Lark Hill Village, Nottingham
Channel 4

Ken Pidcock calls his bungalow at Lark Hill Village ‘Little Africa.’ African artefacts are everywhere, presents from the students he taught while he was there. On the living room wall there is a photograph of a lion, African art adorns the walls.

media picture Fred Thompson
Lark Hill Village, Nottingham
Channel 4

Fred Thompson was just six years old when he was evacuated to America to protect him from harm after the outbreak of war. It was five years later, and the end of the war, when he saw his parents again.

media picture Beryl Poulson
Lark Hill Village, Nottingham
Channel 4

At 86 Beryl Poulson can still remember the wartime bombing raid that happened when she was a child.

media picture Barbara Webb
Lark Hill Village, Nottingham
Channel 4

When Barbara Webb was a child the doctor warned she may not live past the age of five. She was in hospital regularly during her early years. She had pneumonia, and when she was a year old she had polio which affected her arm and leg and meant she was in an iron lung for six months.

media picture Pam Walker
Hughenden Gardens Village
New lease of life

Pam lives with her husband Bryan and their white West Highland Terrier, Mickey. Pam tells how moving to Hughenden Gardens Village has given the pair a new lease of life.

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