Corporate Partnerships

Our Charity Partnership will be about building relationships, forging great business and making a difference. A partnership with ExtraCare means so much more than the word partnership portrays, it's about our shared values, a synergy, working together and joining forces for the benefit of your employees, your business, our charity and local communities.

Coventry Building Society Abseiling for ExtraCare

Wolf Run Corporate Partnership

Skydiving corporate partnerships with ExtraCare

There are lots of exciting ways you and your team can support ExtraCare:

Corporate Volunteering

ExtraCare offers Corporate Volunteering programmes to local businesses.

Volunteering with ExtraCare enables you to develop your team, achieve your corporate social responsibility aims and make a difference to the lives of older people in your local community. 

It can also benefit your organisation by boosting staff confidence, improving staff retention and adding to the skills of your workforce - 43% of employers think that employees who volunteer and learn new skills have a better chance of promotion. Increasing staff morale and positive attitudes towards you as an employer - 85% of corporate volunteers feel more positive about their employer when volunteering

Corporate Donations

Make your company giving count!

Your corporate giving will make a difference and help us to achieve our vision of better lives for older people.

Charity of the Year

ExtraCare as a chosen Charity of the Year

Engage your staff with a hugely motivating cause that provides safer homes for older people in your community. Nominate us as your Charity of the Year and gain the benefits of partnering with us.

Join a Challenge Event as we have an array of challenges and events where we either need participants or volunteers.

Payroll Giving

If your company supports our vision and values, we could work together...

Payroll giving schemes are simple to run, and an easy way for your staff to help us provide better lives. Running a payroll giving scheme is a good way to show that your company cares.

'ExtraCare has been a fantastic community partner for our department. All areas in the business strive to support the communities we live in by choosing a partner to work with, volunteer for, and fundraise for. Two years ago, we had never had a community partner in Direct Mortgage team. From the first months of partnering with you, there was a buzz in the department that we had never experienced before. Our staff believe in what you do, and really care about making a difference and supporting you with your goals.

You've given us an outlet that we hadn't realised there was such a demand for previously, and have helped us really engage with our teams and get them engaging with you. It's been an absolute pleasure working with ExtraCare as a community partner, and I'd highly recommend you to anybody else not just because of the work you do, but because of the fantastic attitudes and personalities of everybody I've encountered at ExtraCare.'

Liam, Mortgage Manager with Coventry Building Society