ExtraCare Villages FAQ

Are you interested in moving to one of our new retirement villages?

For information specific to individual locations, please visit the page for your chosen Village or contact the Village Team directly.

Care has been taken to ensure that these responses are as accurate as possible but they are for general guidance only. The information here does not in any way form part of a contract or warranty.


ExtraCare is a charity. Our principal aim is to ensure that we can offer our residents a truly rewarding lifestyle at a cost that is affordable and fair to all.

A guide to our charges is set out here. These charges may vary between different ExtraCare Schemes and Villages.

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It is important we are informed of any such conditions to help ensure you can live independently in the Village.

If you have dementia or a complex mental health condition, we will welcome your application, subject to a full assessment to determine if we are able to meet your individual needs. Our dedicated ‘Locksmith’ will profile and work with residents with dementia and related conditions for up to 12 weeks and share the detailed profile with care staff, friends or relatives as appropriate. This is a short term intervention to assess ways in which the individual can live successfully within a Village environment.

For those residents who need significant care, we will work closely with healthcare providers and specialists to support the delivery of nursing and palliative care during the day and night time. The service can be arranged as part of your personal care plan and also needs to be agreed with the local health authority.

We welcome residents with wheelchairs and mobility scooters and have ensured that every facility, home and level of the Village is equally accessible.  This will ensure that wheelchair users are not limited to specific homes or communal areas within the Village.

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Our villages do not have a GP on site, but our Well-being Advisors are qualified nurses who work closely with local GP services. Depending on the local catchment area, you may be able to stay with your current GP. If not, we will be able to advise you where the nearest GP surgeries are.

ExtraCare’s Well-being Service supports residents to be proactive in managing their own health. Our Well-being Advisors can carry out regular health assessments to keep an up-to-date record of your overall health and can refer you to a GP or practice nurse if necessary.

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Yes. We will have a dedicated ExtraCare staff team on site, which can assess your needs with the local council (if help towards payment is needed). Following this assessment, we can deliver care within the privacy of your own ExtraCare home, after agreeing payment with you. Wherever possible, we will seek to support you for life, in your own ExtraCare home, irrespective of frailty or financial means.

Approximately a third of the community will be in receipt of care, ranging from a little help with everyday tasks up to extensive care during the day and night time.

Rooms in each home will have an emergency call system, linked to care staff, 24 hours per day. This is for use in an emergency only.

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Yes, your pet is welcome, provided that you are able to manage their requirements and you are able to make full arrangements for your pet to be cared for if you are unwell or away.

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Yes, it is your home and you are welcome to have visitors on a short-term basis, as long as they have their own residence outside of the Village (i.e., their own home and address). You don’t need to get permission before having visitors – this is your home. The community will also have a guest suite which will be available for a small charge.

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If you have purchased a home in the Village (outright or shared ownership), the Charity will buy the property back from you or your estate (minus some deferred fees and other charges) when you leave.

A long-term maintenance fee is taken out of your estate when your property is sold back to the Charity. This fee contributes to the Village’s ‘sinking fund’ which is referred to in the property lease. The value of this sinking fund can be obtained by contacting the Village Manager.

We encourage you to contact the Sales Team or attend a Sales Information Meeting to find out more about this.

You may not leave your home to a relative or friend in the area who fits the age criteria – they would need to apply for a place separately.

The ExtraCare Charitable Trust is able to terminate your Lease if payments are missed or if any of the leaseholder covenants are breached. We cannot terminate leases summarily (a court order is required) and will always act reasonably before initiating the termination process (e.g. first seeking through dialogue to resolve any payment problems or breaches of covenants).

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We usually find that our villages develop waiting lists fairly quickly – if you are interested in applying for a property, please contact the Sales Team or your local village sooner rather than later. Some of our older villages have a waiting list that is potentially ten years long.

If you are interested in applying for a village that is already open, please contact the Sales or Housing (for rental) Team directly, using the contact details available on the location’s webpage.

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We will ask you to prioritise a selection of apartments. We will endeavour to meet your first choice, although we cannot guarantee this. 

Village homes are not offered on a first come first served basis. The profile of village residents needs to represent:

  • A range of different age groups
  • A reasonable balance of singles, couples, men and women
  • People who are fit and fully mobile
  • People who need mobility support and require care (up to a third of the community will be in receipt of an assessed care package)
  • We also need to ensure that a proportion of homes are available for purchase, shared ownership and rent
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Access to the village will be permitted through double doors into a foyer with a staffed reception area. During hours when reception is closed the doors can only be opened by people with access cards or by contacting a resident or a member of staff.

Residents’ own homes will be able to be locked securely and each resident will have their own proximity card (similar to a hotel swipe card). This card will allow residents personal access to their home and access to the residential areas within the village which are also protected by secure doors.

There will be closed circuit television cameras around the site. Each home will have connections via personal TV to a CCTV camera at the village entrance, for guest entry.

All homes have emergency pull cords linked to the staff office. These are for use in an emergency only.

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You need to be aged 55 or over (60 in some locations) to move to one of our villages. Please contact the village you are interested in to talk about specific eligibility criteria.

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When you apply for a place in the Village, we will need to ask you to disclose financial information. We will also ask your permission for us to contact other relevant authorities for financial information (e.g. to confirm your benefits). This information will be stored confidentially and used for the purposes of your application only. If you decide not to move into the Village we will destroy the information at your request.

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Homes are built to latest building regulation standards offering a significant reduction in noise levels. Additionally, all residents will need to use sound-proofing underlay on their flooring and we will advise you on this.

Between the hours of 11pm and 8am, residents are requested not to make any noise that is audible outside of their property. Please note that, in relation to any lease provisions on noise, it will only be noise that is audible outside the property between the stated times that might be held to be a breach of a covenant.

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