Steps to Connection: A Guide to Finding Community in Older Age

We have recently launched a new “Do it Yourself” community engagement guide for older people, called Steps to Connection. This resource was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, inspired by the community-building materials in our workshops, and is now available for purchase (see here).

Steps to Connection is available for sale in ExtraCare charity-shops and online, with all proceeds going directly back into providing community and wellbeing services in the ExtraCare Charitable Trust.

In line with our project aims, Steps to Connection offers long-term solutions for people seeking greater community. It offers a route-map to a sustainable community for anyone aged 55+, split into two parts.

Part 1 gives readers ways to construct a motivating “Vision of Connection” for themselves, while Part 2 introduces 10 steps individuals can take to boost connection with others.

Steps to Connection is personal, psychological and practical, offering information and interactive exercises on themes like Nourishing Relationships, Keeping Mobile and Building Resilience, along with specialised sections on Finding Community as a Caregiver, Socialising from Home, and Keeping Connected During COVID-19. 

We hope that Steps to Connection can spread the benefits of Engaged Lives more broadly, helping a wider range of people take the initial steps they need to find a supportive community.

This resource will make an excellent guide for those preparing to reconnect as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. It’s also designed to be useful during times of lockdown itself, containing specialised advice on staying connected from home, in isolated communities, or through technology. There is an additional wealth of psychological material exploring how mindfulness and different thinking styles can help individuals feel connected while separated from loved ones, plus advice on nourishing relationships and spreading kindness while distanced or when social opportunities are limited.

For organisations looking to provide this guide to their own clients or service-users, we are offering significantly discounted prices for bulk purchases. For more information about these, or to make an order, please contact us at