Leave a Legacy

Leaving a legacy is a big decision and we understand that family comes first. But if you have anything left after providing for your loved ones, no matter how small, a legacy left to ExtraCare could really make a difference to the residents of our Housing Schemes and Villages.

• Help fund our Dementia Care where our EOP Locksmiths® establish the best way of looking after and unlocking the hidden potential of older people who have dementia, in order to enhance their quality of life.

Sophie Jones lives with dementia. Sophie was born on a horse drawn boat and spent her childhood and early married life living and working the canals of England. At the age of 91, through ExtraCare's Enriched Opportunities Programme, Sophie was able to revisit the canals. Read Sophie's story!

• Help fund our Well-being Advisors, who empower residents to make informed decisions about their lifestyle and health via well-being assessments.

Take a look at our Aston Research to find out more about our well-being benefits!

• Help fund equipment such as Video Magnifiers, which help residents with poor eyesight by magnifying an image onto a screen, and are particularly useful to assist with reading and writing. These have enabled residents to write their own Christmas and birthday cards for the first time in years.

Any gift in your Will, no matter how small or how big, means together we can create better lives for older people.

There are three types of gift you can leave in your Will:

Making a Will

A Will is an important document that gives you peace of mind that your cherished possessions and savings go to the family, friends and causes you care about most.

To make a Will or amend a current Will you will need to find a solicitor local to you who can guide you through the process and ensure your Will is legal and valid. The Law Society is a good place to start to find a solicitor local to you.