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Dementia Care

ExtraCare's award-winning Enriched Opportunities Programme® supports residents with dementia and dementia-related conditions. It is a pioneering joint research project between ExtraCare and the University of Bradford and has resulted in a programme of support that is now being rolled out across all ExtraCare housing Schemes and Villages.

The programme offers tailored activities for those residents with dementia-related issues, aiming to reduce the disabling effects of the condition. The programme is implemented through specially-trained support workers known as EOP Locksmiths®.

In 2009 ExtraCare won the Healthcare and Medical Research category at the National Charity Awards for its pioneering work in supporting people with dementia.

Find out more about the Enriched Opportunities Programme®!

Sophie Jones lives with dementia. Sophie was born on a horse drawn boat and spent her childhood and early married life living and working the canals of England. At the age of 91, through ExtraCare's Enriched Opportunities Programme, Sophie was able to revisit the canals. Read Sophie's story!

ExtraCare's Well-being Service

ExtraCare's award-winning Well-being Service supports all residents to be proactive in managing their own health. Well-being Advisors (registered general nurses) empower residents to make informed decisions about their lifestyle and health via well-being assessments.

One ExtraCare Village estimates a saving of 500 hospital bed-days per annum as a result of reduced unplanned admissions.

Find out more about ExtraCare's Well-being Service!

Take a look at our Aston Research to find out more about our well-being benefits!

97 year old Joan Spreckley thought she would never walk again when she broke her hip. But just a few months later, she was back on her feet with the help of an ExtraCare Well-being Advisor, and even managed a special trip to London Fashion Weekend. Read Joan's story!

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