Coronavirus (Covid-19) advice and information before visiting our locations

This page will be reviewed and updated regularly. Please check this website again before you visit our locations as things are changing very quickly.

Page updated on 04/04/2020 10:00

The COVID-19 situation is a fast changing one and, at ExtraCare, our first concern is always for the safety of our residents, staff and volunteers. We are therefore taking the following steps to protect our retirement communities, and we ask for your support and co-operation: 

From 2pm on Monday 23rd March 2020:

Additional restrictions at some locations

In some of our retirement communities, we have put in place additional measures. We have done so because we have residents with suspected symptoms and/or an official diagnosis. These measures are aimed at restricting the spread of any virus within the location. Additional measures are currently in place in the following locations:

Thank you for your consideration of the steps we are taking which will help keep our communities safe and well.

We will keep you updated as national guidance and our own procedures adapt to the changing circumstances associated with the virus. Please be assured care and catering services will continue to be provided.

Thank you for your support.