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Episode 4: Monday 29th October Channel Four 9-10pm.

What’s coming up?

It’s week 8 of a 3-month experiment at one of the largest retirement villages in the UK – Lark Hill, on the outskirts of Nottingham. The young and the old in this specially built nursery - where the classmates ages range from just 3 to 102 – are following a daily timetable of nursery activities.  

This week it’s all about keeping active and getting mobile. Has the experiment so far prepared the older group to face their toughest physical challenge so far – sports day?  Fierce rivalry breaks out between 102-year-old Sylvia and 87-year-old Ken as they battle in opposing teams. Will former tap dancer Lilian manage the egg and spoon race without her stick?  

Some four legged friends arrive in the nursery forcing the older group to bend more as well as having to take them for a walk. And 4-year-old Ismail reveals his fascination with 91-year-old Pauleen’s wrinkles.

Led by a team of geriatric specialists measuring the impact of pre-schoolers on the mood, memory and mobility of the older group, the team will also include a child development specialist. For the first time in the UK, the children will also be assessed to see what happens to their emotional and social development, as well as language skills.