End of life support

ExtraCare’s specialist End of Life Care Service is available to those who are in their last months or weeks of life.

ExtraCare follows the Gold Standards Framework (GSF) to optimise the care given to people in the last chapter of their lives. This framework is recommended as an example of best practice by the NHS and national policy leaders.

We want to ensure that residents in our retirement communities get the best possible care at the end of their lives.

The 3 Aims of the Gold Standards Frameworks:

  1. Improve the quality and experience of care
  2. Improve coordination of care and collaboration between teams
  3. Improve outcomes for people, enabling more to live and die where they choose, and reduce avoidable hospitalisation.

We will work together as a team and with you.

We want your care to be proactive. Earlier anticipation of your needs and recognition of changes in your condition mean we can plan better so that your needs and symptoms are managed as well as possible in your own home.

We will assess and discuss your needs, choices and preferences, so that you receive person-centred care.

We will work with you to plan living well and when the time comes, dying well, so you receive care that is comprehensive and systematic, enabling you to remain at home where possible and if you wish.

Advance Care Plans

If you wish, you will be offered the opportunity to discuss and plan for the care that you want in the future and also where you might want to be cared for. You can also nominate someone to speak for you if you are no longer able to do this for yourself. These plans are called Advance Care Plans and they can be discussed or written down and shared with those who need to know your wishes. They will help you receive the kind of care you want, where you want it, especially towards the end of life.

Your Advance Care Plan can be reassessed or changed at any time. This means that if your needs change, or you change your mind about your wishes at any point, your Advance Care Plan will be altered. Support is on hand to discuss this with you when you feel ready.

With your permission, we will communicate some things with your GP, primary care team and others, including information of your phase of illness, your wishes and preferences in your advance care plans, that will help provide well-coordinated care.