Our Partnerships

We work with some of the UK's most forward-thinking local authorities, housing partners and primary care trusts, as well as leading statutory agencies and donors.

Our partnerships are tailored to the needs of local areas and bring together the skills, expertise and finance to develop and operate each Scheme or Village. By working as a team we are able to create projects on a bigger and better scale, with the result that our impact within the local community is far greater than could be achieved by working alone.

Key Housing & Regeneration Partners

We have worked with Midland Heart as part of an award-winning partnership for over 20 years. We partner with forward-thinking housing organisations which are willing to invest in innovation and change. In locations, our partners are listed on each relevant Scheme or Village page.

Bournville Village Trust:

Hanover Housing Group:

Housing LIN (Learning and Improving Network):

Midland Heart:

The National Housing Federation:

Rooftop Housing Group:

Your Housing Group:

National Care Forum:

Statutory Agencies

We receive significant funding support from:

Homes England

The Department of Health:

Local Authorities

We partner with local authorities in our Schemes and Villages, including:

Birmingham City Council:

Bristol City Council:

Coventry City Council:

Milton Keynes Council:

South Gloucestershire Council:


We value the donations we receive from grant-making bodies, companies, trusts and local charitable appeals to support equipment, facilities and research. This vital support benefits the health and well-being of our residents. Find out more about our Charity.

Regulatory Bodies

Our Charity is a registered domiciliary care agency.  As such we are regulated by Adult and Community Teams and Supporting People Teams within our partner authorities. We are also regulated by:

Health & Safety Executive:

The Charity Commission:

Companies House:

The Care Quality Commission (CQC):
Our Housing Schemes and Villages are monitored by the CQC, the national health and social care regulator. Links to specific CQC ratings and reports can be found when you visit the location pages on this site.

The Regulator of Social Housing:

The Fundraising Regulator:

International Partnerships

In 2011, ExtraCare signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Australian aged care provider IRT to formalise a partnership to share knowledge between the two organisations. IRT is one of Australia's largest community-based senior lifestyle and care providers, managing communities in more than 30 locations and to almost 6,000 customers.

As part of this partnership, ExtraCare's Imperial Court Scheme Manager Ginny Larkin spent four weeks visiting IRT's facilities in Australia during November and December 2011. Helen Spence from IRT returned the visit in spring 2012.

ExtraCare's Customer Services Manager Chris Ridge visited IRT in 2013, and Greg McKay from IRT returned the visit later in the year.


In 2012, ExtraCare partnered with Ageing Asia Pte Ltd to share ideas and knowledge in a series of Leadership Workshops held from 17 July in Australia. Ageing Asia Pte Ltd is an Ageing Market Consultancy Firm that focuses on creating collaborations within the ageing industry to change the way seniors age in Asia, and produces Asia's most influential forum on the business of ageing - the annual Ageing Asia Investment Forum. As part of this partnership, ExtraCare's then-Chief Executive, Nick Abbey, led some full-day industry training workshops in various cities on the 'Apartments for Life' concept using ExtraCare as a successful case-study and met Australia's leading retirement village and aged care specialists.

In September 2013, Hagley Road Village hosted the inaugural Ageing-in-Place UK 2013 conference. The conference focused on enabling older adults to live affordably and independently in their own homes. Speakers included Professor Dr Hans Becker, Janice Chia, Carol Allen, Jeremy Porteous, Nieves Murray and ExtraCare's Nick Abbey and Martin Shreeve. Read more about the conference here!

Ageing Asia Pte Ltd: www.ageingasiainvest.com