ARCO - Setting Standards for Retirement Communities

ExtraCare's mission is creating sustainable communities that provide homes older people want, lifestyles they can enjoy and care if it's needed - a lifestyle quite different from that offered by the traditional care or nursing home.

With this in mind, ExtraCare has got together with 28 like-minded organisations to form the
Associated Retirement Community Operators (ARCO)
an influential trade association representing more than 400 retirement communities across the UK.


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So, what will ARCO achieve?

ARCO will raise awareness of the retirement community model amongst older people and the wider public across the UK. It also wishes to ensure that policy makers fully understand the ways in which this type of housing provision can meet the lifestyle, health and social care needs of our ageing population.

ARCO seeks to promote confidence in retirement communities, ensuring that all members are providing a high quality service to their residents. To this end, all ARCO-registered schemes have to adhere to the standards laid out in a Consumer Code (see below).

ARCO members want to increase the volume and quality of expertise within the sector and share this with members, continually investing in research to better understand and promote the social and economic value of retirement communities.

ARCO's Code of Conduct

The ARCO Consumer Code sets out the standards expected by its member organisations. It provides a benchmark for good practice within the housing-with-care sector. This Code therefore states what ExtraCare residents can expect of the Charity. The Consumer Code will be displayed in every ExtraCare location and available from local staff teams on request.

You can also read the Code and find out more about ARCO's work by visiting the website:

Read the ARCO Code.


For further information, please contact ARCO's Executive Director:

Michael Voges
T: 020 3697 1204