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11th July, 2012: ExtraCare's Torch Relay Travels to Wellingborough

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4th July, 2012: ExtraCare's Torch Travels Through Northamptonshire

2nd July, 2012: ExtraCare's Coventry Torch Relay

25th June, 2012: Northampton Retirement Village Hosts Torch Relay

20th June, 2012: Coventry Welcomes the ExtraCare Torch

18th June, 2012: The ExtraCare Torch Visits Redditch

15th June, 2012: Redditch Retirement Scheme Holds Olympic Torch Party

14th June, 2012: Olympic-Style Torch Relay in Coventry

11th June, 2012: Hednesford Retirement Scheme's Olympic Challenge

8th June, 2012: An Olympic-Inspired Day for New Birmingham Residents

6th June, 2012: ExtraCare's Torch Comes to Newtown, Birmingham

28th May, 2012: Birmingham Pensioners Hold Olympic-style Torch Relay

23rd May, 2012: The ExtraCare Torch Crosses Nottingham

18th May, 2012: Robin Hood Takes the ExtraCare Torch to Nottingham!

15th May, 2012: Nottingham Man Holds Olympic Torch After 64 Year Gap

11th May, 2012: Stoke-on-Trent Resident Travels by Toilet!

8th May, 2012: Stoke-on-Trent Welcomes the ExtraCare Torch!

4th May, 2012: ExtraCare's Torch Travels From Sheffield

1st May, 2012: A Win on the Horses for Broadway Gardens!

19th April, 2012: The ExtraCare Torch Reaches St Helens

17th April, 2012: Verona Court Welcomes the Torch Relay

13th April, 2012: Walsall Mayor Joins Older People's Torch Relay

4th April, 2012: ExtraCare's Torch Travels to Lichfield

29th March, 2012: ExtraCare's Wolverhampton Torch Relay Continues

28th March, 2012: Bushfield Court Residents Visit Chasewater

27th March, 2012: Bilston Welcomes the ExtraCare Torch

20th March, 2012: ExtraCare's Torch Travels Through Wolverhampton

15th March, 2012: ExtraCare's Torch Comes to Wolverhampton!

9th March, 2012: Evesham Hosts the ExtraCare Torch Relay!

5th March, 2012: The Torch Relay Comes to Hereford

1st March, 2012: ExtraCare's Torch Relay Launched in Gloucester!

Older news

22nd February, 2012, Stoke-on-Trent: Keeping Active Together in Stoke-on-Trent

15th February, 2012, Birmingham: Valentine's Day Walk for New Oscott Residents

13th February, 2012, Milton Keynes: A Cycleathon in Milton Keynes

9th February, 2012, Stoke-on-Trent: Free Zumba Classes at Berryhill Village

27th January, 2012, Wellingborough: Skittles Achievements at Rosewood Court

18th January, 2012, Coventry: Dave Moorcroft Launches Torch Relay

10th January, 2012, Coventry: Residents' 715-mile Olympic Torch Celebration

15th November, 2011, Wolverhampton: Residents and Students Keep Fit Together

8th November, 2011, Northampton: Pauline's Gym Success

7th November, 2011, Wolverhampton: Bushfield Court Meets Martin Clunes

4th November, 2011, Sheffield: Brunswick Gardens Volunteer Raises £400

4th November, 2011, Nottingham: Lark Hill's Conker Tournament

26th October, 2011, Sheffield: Brunswick Gardens Volunteer Runs 10k

25th October, 2011, Wellingborough: Rosewood Court Goes Around the World

24th October, 2011, Nottingham: Lark Hill Cruises Down the River Trent

14th October, 2011, Coventry: An Olympian Visits Humber Court

6th October, 2011, Hereford: ExtraCare's Olympic Torch Hopeful

5th October, 2011, Hednesford: Cadburys Visit School Court

4th October, 2011, Coventry: Mini-Olympics at Princethorpe Court

28th September, 2011, Milton Keynes: Shenley Wood Walkers Celebrate

2nd September, 2011, Wolverhampton: Africa Comes to Broadway Gardens

2nd September, 2011, Milton Keynes: Shenley Wood Goes Walking

25th August, 2011, Wolverhampton: Olympic Stadium Built in Just a Few Hours

10th August, 2011, Wolverhampton: Olympic Archery Challenge at Brunel Court

20th July, 2011, Sheffield: Sheffield Residents Lead a Colourful Parade

26th May, 2011, Birmingham: Residents' Olympic Challenge

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Other Media Coverage

16th July, 2012, Nuneaton Telegraph: Irene shows her bottle floating in with torch

4th July, 2012, Northampton Chronicle: Torch relay takes to the buses

4th July, 2012, Northampton Chronicle: PHOTO GALLERY: St Crispin Extra Care Retirement Village Olympic Torch Run

22nd June, 2012, Sutton Coldfield Observer: New Oscott Torch Relay

15th June, 2012, Redditch Standard: Special torch preview

5th June, 2012, European Commission: Seniors participate in a 715-mile torch relay in the UK

31st May, 2012, Nottingham Local News: Resident Holds an Olympic Torch - Again

19th May, 2012, Nottingham Post: After 64 years, Marcus gets to hold Olympic torch again (also online)

10th May, 2012, The Sentinel: Relay residents so flushed with pride (also online)

4th May, 2012, The Star: Vic's Flying the Flame (also online)

2nd May, 2012, The Sentinel: Torch relay visits retirement village

2nd May, 2012, Beyond 2012: The Legacy Games: As you get older there's no reason why that flame should burn any less strongly

27th March, 2012, Sheffield Star: Olympic Effort in Stitches

15th March, 2012, Hereford Times: Passing on Olympic Spirit

15th March, 2012, Evesham Observer: Torch relay sees older generation get into Olympic spirit

7th March, 2012, Hereford Journal: 'Olympic' torch arrives

7th March, 2012, Redditch Advertiser: Redditch home residents enjoy some Olympic fun

2nd March, 2012, Gloucester Citizen: Retired Gloucester folk carry torch with pride

30th January, 2012, Birmingham Mail: OAP Village's Olympic Bid

27th January, 2012, Coventry Observer: Rising to a Special Challenge

25th January, 2012, Redditch Advertiser: Olympic Challenge (also in the Alcester Chronicle)

23rd January, 2012, Redditch Advertiser: Terry Spring Court residents will carry their own Olympic torch

19th January, 2012, St Helens Star: Squad Set for Relay

19th January, 2012, Sheffield Telegraph: Retired Residents to Carry Games Torch

18th January, 2012, Hereford Journal: Residents Plan Olympic Tribute

18th January, 2012, Coventry Telegraph: Olympian Dave Moorcroft encourages Coventry pensioners to get active

18th January, 2012, Nuneaton Telegraph: Moorcroft's Olympic Challenge to Pensioners (also in the Warwickshire Telegraph and Coventry Telegraph)

17th January, 2012, Warrington Guardian: Ryfields residents to receive Olympic torch and then take on to St Helens

12th January, 2012, Southport Reporter: Elderly Residents Plan 715 mile Torch Relay to Celebrate Olympics

24th November, 2011, Wolverhampton Chronicle: Generations Join Forces

15th November, 2011, Express & Star: Generations Get On Their Marks

13th November, 2011, Sheffield Telegraph: Runner Graham, 85, Hands Out The Cash

18th October, 2011, Coventry Telegraph: Dave Moorcroft Opens Olympics Room at Coventry Care Home

18th October, 2011, Nuneaton Telegraph: Game On as OAPs Look to Olympics (also appearing in the Coventry Telegraph and the Warwickshire Telegraph)

13th October, 2011, Milton Keynes Citizen: Hike Raises Grand for Trust's Home

12th October, 2011, Milton Keynes News: Walking to Raise Cash for Home

12th October, 2011, Milton Keynes Citizen: Olympic Effort Sees Grand Raised for Shenley Wood Village

6th October, 2011, Milton Keynes Citizen: Walking Tall with ExtraCare

5th October, 2011, Sheffield Telegraph: Graham's Still on the Run at 85

26th September, 2011, The Star: Graham Gearing up for 10k Run - at 85