Vegas Comes to New Oscott

19th September, 2011

Staff and residents at New Oscott Village enjoyed a Vegas night last week.

Vegas - Paul Knight & Jean Smart

Elvis Presley serenaded the guests, who also got to play blackjack and roulette, and watch showgirls dancing. Staff also served a "traditional" Vegas meal of burger and chips.

All 168 tickets were sold out before the event started at 7 o'clock, and guests were queuing outside long before the doors opened. Jean Smart, who was there with her sister Rita, arrived half an hour early to get a good seat near the front. The two sisters had both dressed up for the occasion, wearing red, white and blue hats.

Resident Pauline Hicks said that she had been a huge Elvis fan since she was a teenager. "I used to have all his albums and I know all the words," she said. She had brought her dog along with her and the two enjoyed dancing along to Elvis' Hound Dog.

The room was not full of Elvis-lovers, however. Des Mucklow, who has lived at New Oscott Village since it first opened, admitted that he had never liked the music when he was younger, but was still enjoying the tribute night.

Elvis also played other popular songs from the Sixties, including Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline, and encouraged residents to dance and sing along with him.

Village Activity Facilitator Paul Knight said he was enjoying the evening, especially the casino tables. "It's really fun," he said. "I can see how people get addicted!"

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Pictures (clockwise from top)

Village Activity Facilitator Paul Knight with resident Jean Smart.

Des Mucklow poses with the evening's dancers.

The event was sold out early.

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