Singing for Life at The Rose Garden

6th October, 2011

Residents with dementia at The Rose Garden in Hereford have started singing to keep their minds active.


Local classically-trained singer Roger Langford comes to the ExtraCare village once a week to lead the Sing for Life group. He teaches new songs to the residents, encourages them to sing tunes they remember from their past, and also shows them some simple breathing exercises and stretches to keep their bodies in the best condition for singing.

Village Activity Facilitator Lynn Mulderrig, who organised the sessions, said she had the idea after reading about a similar project in the paper. "It was something organised by the Alzheimer's Society, and they'd found that singing really helped people who had dementia, so I thought we should do something similar. I rang around and was able to find Roger."

Studies have found that music is easy to recall, and that the social aspect of similar groups is beneficial for people living with dementia.

Roger and the residents are only in their third week of singing together, but the group already has some enthusiastic members.

For more information on the Sing for Life sessions, please contact Lynn Mulderrig at The Rose Garden on