Rosewood Court Goes Around the World

25th October, 2011

Residents from Rosewood Court have enjoyed an exciting two-week cruise around the world, all without leaving the comfort of their Wellingborough housing scheme.


The 46 residents, led by their Activity Co-ordinator Meg Neilan, had themed days for Mexico, Brazil, the Caribbean, Australia, China, India, Italy and Spain before finishing their fortnight with a traditional English tea on Sunday.

Food from the various countries has been a big hit with residents and staff, with everyone taking part in a pizza-making day when the cruise visited Italy. On the Chinese themed day, everyone tasted different kinds of Chinese tea.

The residents have also taken the opportunity to dress up as often as possible, with everyone wearing flower garlands when they were in the Caribbean and sombreros in Mexico. Staff member Min Dhami showed off some traditional Indian clothes and encouraged residents to wear saris.

Meg said that staff and residents alike were enjoying themselves. "We are having a fantastic time and the residents are beaming with everything that is going on," she said.

Friends and families have enjoyed coming along also, and the cruise has been a big hit all around ExtraCare, with Chief Executive Nick Abbey and Head of IT Rowland Sandys visiting the scheme to take part.

Pictures (clockwise from top):

Residents and staff at Rosewood Court about to set off on their cruise around the world.

Everyone dressed up in Mexico.

Staff from ExtraCare's Central Office in Coventry joined Rosewood for the Caribbean leg of the cruise.

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