Milton Keynes Villages Work Together

17th October, 2011

Residents at Lovat Fields Village have extended a helping hand to ExtraCare's new Milton Keynes development, Shenley Wood, by building them a tombola drum.


The ExtraHope group, which was formed from current and future ExtraCare residents and friends to raise money for Shenley Wood Village, decided to find the new equipment when their chair, Brian Hobbs, realised that raffles and tombolas would be an important part of fundraising and other activities at the new location.

"The makeshift arrangement for drawing tickets and numbers from either a dressed up Tupperware container or converted cardboard box just didn't seem to match the occasion," he said. "If we were to get ahead then we needed to polish up our act - so the hunt went out to beg, steal or borrow a proper spinning tombola drum!"

Jim Crook and his woodworking team from Lovat Fields leapt into action when they heard that Shenley Wood Village was on the look-out for a new piece of equipment.

"We wish to express a big thank you to Jim Crook and the team for the very kind gesture. We now possess a piece of essential equipment that will bring hours of pleasure whilst helping to swell the funds and support all those special causes. From one Village to another - thank you, Lovat Fields, it certainly is appreciated."