ExtraCare's Olympic Torch Hopeful

6th October, 2011

The Rose Garden resident Clive Terry has been shortlisted to carry the official Olympic torch.

Lynn and Clive

Clive, who volunteers in the gym and helps with entertainment at the Hereford village, was nominated by Village Activity Facilitator Lynn Mulderrig through Lloyds TSB's Carry the Torch campaign.

75-year-old Clive now has a one in fifteen chance of getting to carry the torch across the country as part of the celebrations in the run-up to the Olympic Games. He expects to hear whether he has got through in December.

"I would really like to do it," he said. "It would be something new and really interesting. It would also be a great opportunity for The Rose Garden, because I think that a lot of people don't know that we're here." He admitted that he was not sure what the torch relay would involve, but said he would try anything. "I hope they don't want me to run a mile - but if they ask, I'll give it a go!"

He added that he really enjoys trying new things. "It's all about having fun, isn't it?" he explained. "Things might change soon and you might not be able to, so you've got to enjoy yourself while you can."

Lynn decided to nominate Clive because she said that she could not manage without his help. "We really need our volunteers here," she explained. Clive spends every Saturday night working in the village hall with various entertainment acts, and, along with his wife Ruth, also works on reception.

"I think everyone should volunteer," Clive said. "It keeps you young and helps you get to know people. I'd say I know everyone's name, except perhaps for people who have just moved in."

Clive, who has lived in Hereford all his life and moved to The Rose Garden when it opened three years ago, played football for the England under-18s during the 1950s. He has also worked as a cricket umpire and still enjoys playing golf.

Two staff members from Lovat Fields Village in Milton Keynes have also been shortlisted to carry the flame: gym instructor Hayley West and receptionist Theresa Tymofijiw.

Picture: Village Activity Facilitator Lynn Mulderrig with Clive.

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