Baby Chicks at Imperial Court

21st October, 2011

Imperial Court residents have spent ten days looking after baby chicks.


The 46 residents at the retirement scheme in Rushden, Northampton, first looked after chicks last year, and enjoyed it so much that Activity Co-ordinator Ray Fortuin decided to do it again.

His idea has proved popular and many of the residents are dreading saying goodbye to their new friends. Dougie Dylan said that he wanted to keep one in his flat. "They're my little babies," he said. "I've learnt to tell them apart, and I think they're gorgeous."

Resident Norma Argent said that she has loved seeing the 11 little birds every day. She comes to sit with them in the mornings. "I can't pick them up because I have bad hands and they might spasm and I could hurt them or drop them, but I can stroke them and say hello," she said.

Ray said that the chicks have been popular with visitors to the scheme as well. "We've had lots of families come along to see them. Because you have to go past the activity room to get to the flats, people hear the chirping and they come in - not just kids, but people in their forties and fifties too."

The chicks are leaving the scheme today to go and live with a staff member's sister. Ray said: "It's really great, because she lives very close and she'll take photos to show to the residents and they can even visit if they want to. And at least we know they won't be ending up on anyone's plate!"

Picture: Dougie Dylan with one of the chicks.

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