Angela Rippon Talks to ExtraCare

3rd October, 2011

Angela Rippon joined ExtraCare residents and staff in Milton Keynes to talk about the importance of fitness and staying independent.

Angela Rippon

The former newsreader and presenter came to the United Generations event at the MK Dons stadium and, sitting on an exercise bike from the Lovat Fields Village gym, talked to residents and staff, including ExtraCare's Chief Executive Nick Abbey.

"The importance of staying fit and healthy is that it allows you to go on living an independent lifestyle," she explained.

Ms Rippon also gave a speech to guests at the event, explaining how she has stayed so fit and healthy. She said that she starts each day by stretching, and demonstrated that she can still touch her toes, at nearly 67.

"There's not a day in my life when I don't begin with stretches," she said. "I am fortunately very supple because I do exercises every day of my life. You will find that doing this simple thing will make your body stronger.

"Everybody should try and do some exercise during the day, because your body is like a machine. It's a marvellous, magnificent machine, and any machine will seize up if it's not used, or fed badly. The most important thing in life is learning to look after your body. You need to think of it as a much-loved, cleaned up vintage car."

She suggested that older people take time out to exercise by walking, dancing, stretching, or even doing housework. She also told guests to keep their minds sharp by doing suduko, crosswords, or debating.

Before she left, Ms Rippon invited everyone to dance and led the group in a cha-cha-cha.

Staff, residents and volunteers also manned stands at the event, and the future residents of Shenley Wood Village performed several songs, led by Helen Waite, Commissioning Team, Activities.

In addition to The ExtraCare Charitable Trust, Milton Keynes Council Trading Standards, the Council's Adult Social Care Team, MK Dons Sport and Education Trust, and local volunteer groups were also giving out information. The event was also sponsored by Costa Coffee.

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