An Olympian Visits Humber Court

14th October, 2011

Humber Court's new activity room has been opened by former Olympic runner David Moorcroft.


He lives near the Coventry housing scheme and was invited by manager Marion Cooper to be part of the celebrations, which also involved a tabletop magician, comedian David St John, Irish dancing, and plenty of activities and games in the new room.

Mr Moorcroft complimented Humber Court's extension. "I'm delighted the emphasis is on an activity room," he said. "You should stay as active as you can because being active is great. You do look really fit and healthy, so I hope you are able to use the room and really enjoy those activities."

Mr Moorcroft is a former long and middle distance runner who grew up in Tile Hill. He has won gold medals for the in the 1978 and 1982 Commonwealth Games, first for the 1,500m and later for the 5,000m. He still holds the British record for the fastest time in the 3,000m.

Marion praised staff and residents for their patience while the new room was built. "Thank you for everything you've done," she said, explaining that all of Humber Court's cooking had to be done in a portakabin while the work was being completed. "Most of all I'd like to thank the people who live here, and say that I'm so pleased that it's finally done, because this is going to make your lives so much better."

Regional Manager Louise Bradish also attended the event. She said: "I know she would never thank herself, but I'd like to thank Marion for all her hard work. She's dealt with some obstacles here and she's done really well."

As well as watching several performances, residents were invited to take part in a treasure hunt, play the buzz off game, enter a photographic competition, and enjoy Humber Court's personalised floor toss game.

The event was planned as part of The ExtraCare Charitable Trust's Olympic Challenge, which includes all 29 retirement villages and schemes across the country. Residents and staff are attempting to cover 25,000 miles (the circumference of the globe) using various activities such as running and rowing before the start of the Olympic Games next year.

Non-physical activities are also being planned to allow all residents to get into the spirit of the Games.

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