Three Birthday Parties for Seagrave Court

8th November, 2011

Seagrave Court in Strelley, Nottingham has just celebrated its tenth anniversary with a packed week of activities and entertainments, including three birthday parties.


Activities Coordinator PJ Spilsbury said the week of activities has included quizzes and bingo, and the second party was attended by The ExtraCare Charitable Trust's Chief Executive Nick Abbey.

PJ commented: "We like a good party here. You might think three parties to celebrate our tenth birthday is a lot but we've had more than that in the past; sometimes we have seven parties, one for every day of a special week."

Attending the events was Seagrave's oldest resident, 98-year-old Annie Hall, who moved in two years ago. In her younger days Annie and her late husband Ernest were keen cyclists who won lots of club events and enjoyed riding a tandem.

The party's decorations were designed by Winnie Potter, 86. PJ praised her and the other volunteers at the scheme. "I wouldn't be able to manage without her," she said. "She does so much of the decorating for all of our parties and especially Christmas. I know that I can go out and leave her to it and she'll work for hours on end to get things looking right. She works for weeks on every event!"

Winnie has lived at Seagrave for five years and said that she enjoys life at the scheme: "There's always something going on here and I do things nearly every day of the week. It's really good because I don't have chance to just sit in my flat and feel lonely."

She added that also does a lot of painting."I used to use watercolours but I've just started on acrylics which is a lot of fun," she reports.

Nick Abbey said: "Congratulations to everyone at Seagrave on ten very happy years. This, to me, is what ExtraCare is all about. A lot has changed in ten years and all of our projects are building on the work that has been done here."

Pictures (clockwise from top):

ExtraCare's Chief Executive Nick Abbey with residents Elsie Tyler (left) and Sheila Lawton (right)

Residents at Seagrave enjoy the party

Activities Coordinator PJ Spilsbury and resident Winnie Potter, 86

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