Pauline’s Gym Success

8th November, 2011

Imperial Court resident Pauline Horvath has recovered from a brain tumour and several falls and is now a keen rower in the gym.


Pauline, who moved into The ExtraCare Charitable Trust's retirement scheme in Rushden recently after her husband passed away, uses a wheelchair to get around but, with the help of gym instructor Ken Howlett, is now able to be much more active.

She started off by using a Thera-Trainer, an exercise bike that allows wheelchair users to stay in their chair and use as little force as is necessary, but soon felt that she would like to move on.

"It was just a matter of weeks, but I just thought I'd like to have a go on the rowing machine," she said. "I've only been doing it for a couple of weeks but I enjoy it."

Pauline was encouraged to move to Imperial Court after having several bad falls. "It wasn't something I'd thought of doing before then. I used to be very independent but I had some falls and was in hospital. My family don't have to worry about me now that I'm here," she added.

Going to the gym is now Pauline's favourite activity. She explained that it helps her keep positive. "I do get down sometimes because I used to be so much more active," she said. "I was never in a wheelchair when I was younger, but things change. This keeps me busy and gives me something new to think about."

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