Lark Hill's Conker Tournament

4th November, 2011

Residents at Lark Hill Village in Nottingham have crowned a winner in their fourth annual conker tournament.

Group photo

Mick Kesteven, 64, who has lived at ExtraCare's Clifton retirement village since it opened in 2009, took the title back from John Hughes, who beat him last year. "It was hard work but well worth it in the end," he said.

Reigning champion John was knocked out in the first round but was philosophical about losing the title. "We won't have any annoying clutter on our sideboard this year," he said when both he and his wife Ann were knocked out of the championship, although he vowed to try and win the trophy back at the next possible opportunity. "I took it off Mick last year, and I'm going to take it off him next year too!"

The tournament has been arranged since before the retirement village even opened by Activities Facilitator Steve Britton. He took part in the tournament, but was knocked out very early on. He said that he had enjoyed organising the event.

"I try to keep the time in the middle of the day very busy, because there are more people around and we do find it becomes very popular," he said. "I only expected about six or seven people to take part so I'm quite pleased that we had nearly double that. We're a very big village so it's nice when people get involved."

Picture: Lark Hill Village residents Elsie Connelly, Ann and John Hughes, Village Activities Facilitator Steve Britton, Mick Kesteven, Dennis Parker, and Libby Bowie pose before the Fourth Annual Lark Hill Conker Tournament.

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