ExtraCare Launches Annual Review

15th November, 2011

Nick Abbey, Chief Executive of The ExtraCare Charitable Trust, launched the Charity's Annual Review today - an illustrative new report that better demonstrates the Charity's performance and ambitions during the past and coming year.

Download ExtraCare's 2010/11Annual Review

The review highlights the following achievements during 2010/11:

  • The Charity opened two retirement villages in Birmingham and Gloucester, providing 426 affordable homes for rent and purchase, community-based village centres and award-winning preventative healthcare services.  Both Villages are fully occupied with waiting lists.
  • A record 70% of all ExtraCare's 3,700 residents attended surveys where year-on-year performance ratings have risen from 70% to 75% ("very good") against challenging satisfaction targets.
  • Recognising national concern for future care funding,  ExtraCare researched and launched a pilot 'Care for Life' product - an innovative concept where residents can pay an affordable fixed payment in exchange for providing any future care that they might need.
  • The Charity exceeded budget expectations with a £3.5m surplus which will contribute to an ambitious £30m development programme during 2011/12.

The review also sets out the following commitments during 2011/12:

  • ExtraCare is already meeting construction targets for two more Birmingham villages and is opening a second village in Milton Keynes in February 2012 - providing a total of 700 more homes for local older people in need.
  • The Charity will provide further welfare benefits advice, care and other outreach services to older people in the wider communities beyond its village communities.
  • Award-winning well-being and dementia services will be expanded across all ExtraCare's sites.
  • A £0.7m contribution from ExtraCare's 60-plus Charity shops will support a diverse range of activities, learning opportunities and social events - to enhance residents' lives and inspire the communities in which they live.
  • A three-year research study with Birmingham's Aston University will seek to quantify the quality of ExtraCare's work, measuring cost-effective practices that benefit individuals and represent savings for the public purpose.

Commenting on the review, Nick Abbey, said:

"This review clearly demonstrates a successful year in challenging economic circumstances, thanks to the dedication of our volunteers, donors, partners and staff. Our 28 communities are fully occupied and demand for new villages is high.

"Our ambition for 2012 is to drive strong, steady growth listening carefully to our residents and external influencers so that we can continue to promote further quality and innovation across all of our services."

If you would like to comment on the review or support the Charity's work, please contact:

Nick Abbey, Chief Executive, The ExtraCare Charitable Trust, 7 Harry Weston Road, Binley Business Park, Binley, Coventry, CV3 2SN

Email nick.abbey@extracare.org.uk

Or contact:

Richard Tower
PR Manager

Mobile: 0772 055 3658
T: 02476 506011

Lucy Henson
PR Officer

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