Skittles Achievements at Rosewood Court

27th January, 2012

Residents at Rosewood Court retirement scheme in Wellingborough have been playing skittles to clock up some miles for the ExtraCare Challenge, inspired by the London 2012 Games.

The skittles team

Along with Activity Co-ordinator Megan Neilan, they play every Friday, and have recently had to modify the game because of their varied skills.

"We have such a laugh each week, because despite the fact we have been playing for nearly 3 years, everyone is still totally inconsistent with their skills," said Megan. "The most recent game consisted of everyone missing all the skittles on most goes, so on the last round I created the rule that we had to try and knock five or less skittles down in order to gain points. As soon as those rules were put into place, guess what happened? They started knocking all ten pins down - typical!"

Megan said that the skittles team love their weekly meetings, and everyone has attended religiously to help out with mileage for the ExtraCare Challenge, which is encouraging each scheme and village to "travel" 1,000 miles through running, rowing, archery - or anything else they can think of! Non-strenuous activities, such as Rosewood's skittles games, are also being planned to allow all residents to get into the spirit of the Games.

Many of the residents at Rosewood face extra challenges, but they do not back down from taking part. Megan said: "My residents, like most across ExtraCare, are inspirational and I love them to bits for their determination to keep going and being so enthusiastic about keeping active and contributing to bigger tasks!"

The ExtraCare Challenge is part of ExtraCare's Activities Programme and is encouraging residents to get active and get involved in the run-up to the 2012 Games.

It has been granted the Inspire mark by the London 2012 Inspire programme, which recognises innovative and exceptional projects that are directly inspired by the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Picture: The Rosewood Court skittles team, along with Activity Co-ordinator Megan Neilan.

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