Men's Health Workshops at Ryfields Village

26th January, 2012

Male residents at Ryfields Village are getting health-conscious with a series of Men's Health Workshops at their Warrington retirement village.

Resident Billy Loake, 93, with Sharon.

Well-being Advisor Sharon Pearce started the sessions after realising that men in the Village were less likely to come and talk about health problems. "I noticed when it comes to talking about health and in particular men's health problems that men are generally quite shy. They tend to bottle up their problems and distance themselves from medical help and advice until absolutely necessary and possibly too late."

"I believe these sessions are invaluable as they can help to highlight early any future potential problems," she said. "They give our male residents the opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have and they know any discussions held and problems identified will be handled professionally and confidentially. Help, advice and support is given as required."

Sharon holds the sessions on the last Thursday of every month, and offers blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and weight checks to all of the men who come along.

Resident Merv Woodage said that he comes along to the event most months. "I've had a triple bypass and I've got diabetes so I try to come along most times. It's good to keep on top of these things and I'm glad it's here."

Sharon said she would like to tell residents all across ExtraCare that just five minutes of thinking about health could make a difference. "Please visit your Well-being Advisor. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. What can be more important than your health?"

Picture: Resident Billy Loake, 93, with Sharon.

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