ExtraCare Releases Well-being Review

3rd January, 2012

ExtraCare has released a Well-being Review of 2011, summarising some of the key points that the Charity has encountered over the last year.

Download ExtraCare's Well-being Review of 2011

The report focuses on ExtraCare's Fracture-Free project, funded by a grant from the Department of Health, which looks to reduce the impact of fractures for residents by detecting previously undiagnosed osteoporosis.

ExtraCare is using an Osteoporosis Risk Assessment, which looks at key risk factors including age, gender, weight, previous fracture history and smoking. Anyone with a score of 7 or above is considered to be at risk and is advised to visit their GP.

Two years into the project, this is what the report explains:

  • Nationally, around 33% of older people die within a year of a hip fracture. For ExtraCare residents, this falls to only 24%.
  • 37% of those at risk of osteoporosis are being treated by their GP, as opposed to only 28% last year.
  • Nearly 1,600 residents at ExtraCare's retirement villages and schemes benefited from an Osteoporosis Risk Assessment between 1 April 2010 and 31 March 2011.
  • ExtraCare will continue its programme of Osteoporosis Risk Assessments for residents into the future.
  • Residents who have previously experienced a wrist fracture will be given extra advice, as they are at an increased risk of hip fractures. Studies have shown that identifying and treating people who are in this high risk category can reduce the chances of hip fracture by 50%.

The report also notes that

  • The Well-being Service was honoured by the Department of Health and the NHS when it was recognised at the prestigious Health and Social Care Awards 2010, winning the Support for Independence Award in the West Midlands. Read more about awards that the Well-being Service has won.
  • Residents at ExtraCare's retirement villages and schemes have experienced improvements in their sleep patterns as well as their diet, circulation, breathing and bladder and bowel health.
  • All of the residents at Lark Hill Village in Nottingham who took part in a chair-based exercise group reported that they are now able to get out of their chairs more easily, and 80% report an improvement in their balance.
  • 1,747 residents had a full Well-being Assessment in the year between 1 April 2010 and 31 March 2011.
  • Residents have, on average, a 9.6% improvement in their health between their first assessment with ExtraCare's Well-being Service and their follow-up appointment.

For more information on ExtraCare's Well-being Service or the Fracture-Free project, please contact melanie.howard@extracare.org.uk