Celebrating Volunteers at Broadway Gardens

9th January, 2012

Staff and residents at Broadway Gardens in Wolverhampton have been celebrating the contribution that volunteers make to their retirement scheme.

Broadway Gardens Manager Jenny Jackson with volunteer Molly Bartlett.

The Volunteers' Celebration Evening is an annual event to give residents and staff a chance to say thank you for everything the volunteers have done over the previous year.

The nine external and 11 resident volunteers at the Bushbury ExtraCare scheme help out in all sorts of ways, ranging from simple tasks such as calling bingo or helping to serve tea, all the way up to looking after the garden, liaising with the vicar, and working with residents with dementia as part of the Enriched Opportunities Programme®.

One volunteer at Broadway Gardens, Molly Bartlett, is 80 years old and has been helping at the scheme for the last 16 years. Staff and residents recently threw her a surprise birthday party to thank her for all her work over the years.

Broadway Gardens Manager Jenny Jackson said: "Broadway would not be the scheme we are without our volunteers. They are the heart and soul of the building and really drive home the values of ExtraCare."

Picture: Broadway Gardens Manager Jenny Jackson with volunteer Molly Bartlett.

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For further information, please contact:

Lucy Henson, ExtraCare's PR officer
0789 105 3062