A Busy January at Berryhill Village

13th January, 2012

Berryhill Village residents have started the New Year with a bang as they have put on a pantomime and stepped up their fundraising efforts at their Stoke-on-Trent retirement village.

Residents and visitors alike enjoyed the pantomime.

Village Activity Facilitator Ben Warrender said: "Everyone thought Berryhill would be having a quiet month after all the festivities of Christmas and New Year, but they were wrong!"

The Village Hall was transformed into a theatre for Little Red Riding Hood, complete with a scary Big Bad Wolf.

The pantomime was well-attended by residents and plenty of family members, including young children.

Ben said that some of the young visitors were scared away by the great acting of the wolf and even had to leave the hall. "But after bribing the children back into the Hall with lollies and the chance to get up on stage and dance, the panto was thoroughly enjoyed and everyone who attended said how great it was," he added. "The children all left with smiles and helium balloons too!"

Residents started 2012 by raising money with a raffle to pay for next year's New Year's Eve party. This year's party was a big success, with elderly people from the local community coming along, as well as plenty of family members and friends.

Ben said: "Berryhill residents take command when it comes to New Year's Eve! The bar was running out of beer and everyone had a great time."

Picture: Residents and visitors alike enjoyed the pantomime.

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