Turning the Clock Back at Verona Court

21st December, 2011

Residents and staff at Verona Court in Heath Town, Wolverhampton, turned the clocks back 70 years when they held a 1940s memory lane roadshow.


Manager Annette Leslie said that nearly 40 residents took part, including many who remembered the time.  "Everyone enjoyed the roadshow and a number of them wore clothes appropriate to that period," she said.

"We have regular theme events and it was the residents' choice to hold one which recalls the 40s and life in wartime Britain."

The roadshow was presented by Linda and Cliff Collins who regularly entertain at ExtraCare schemes and villages.

Cliff said: "We played lots of music recorded in the 40s by singers such as Vera Lynn, Flannigan and Allen, Al Jolson and big bands such as Glen Miller and also showed pictures taken at the time. Everyone joined in and some got up to dance."

At 88, resident Barbara Williams remembers the 40s very well. She worked at Henry Meadows where engines were made for tanks before moving to Featherstone Ordnance Factory where she was the Managing Director's secretary. She also remembers houses having blackouts over their windows, rationing and sheltering under the stairs at home when the siren sounded.

Her boyfriend Eric was a sergeant in the Army and was involved in the Normandy landings. They married when he was demobbed and lived for 57 years in the same house but sadly Eric died soon after they moved into Verona Court 18 months ago.

Two residents who wore wartime American uniforms at the event were Sylvia Pace, who at 76 was just a young girl during the 40s, and Elaine Cope, who is 67 and was only just born then. Regardless of their age, both joined in with the singalongs and enjoyed the afternoon.

Picture: Verona Court's Activities Co-ordinator Joanne Taylor with resident Sylvia Pace at the scheme's 40s music roadshow day.

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