St Crispin's Well-being Pantomime

20th December, 2011

St Crispin Village residents in Northampton have enjoyed a Christmas pantomime with a well-being message.


Crispinella, written and narrated by Village Activity Facilitator Elaine Henley, was a variation on Cinderella and starred plenty of familiar faces from around St Crispin Village.

Elaine wrote the story as a well-being pantomime, and interspersed the story with facts about keeping healthy, including alcohol limits, advice about fitness and healthy eating and information about sleep. The Village's gym instructor, Cameron, even popped up to hold a couple of exercise classes for Crispinella's ugly sisters - and the entire audience!

Reviews from staff and residents were uniformly positive. Village Manager Sara Reading said she was proud of the effort everyone had put in. "Aren't they fantastic? It was great," she said.

Resident Brenda Hants, who has lived at the retirement village in Northampton for about a year, said she had really enjoyed the show. "We had a great view sitting near the front here - it was hilarious watching Elaine throw her cards on the floor when she'd finished with them."

Her friend Jean Dindol agreed. "It was really funny, and Elaine's very clever to have written something like that!"

Picture: Writer and narrator Elaine Henley with three of her admiring audience members, Harry and Jean Dindol and Brenda Hants.

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