Getting Hairy at Camoys Court

2nd December 2011

Camoys Court residents have been getting hairy in November to raise money for cancer research.


Movember, started in 2003 by a group of men in Australia, encourages men to grow moustaches and raise money for testicular and prostate cancer research, and Activity Co-ordinator Angela Pugh convinced her male residents, staff members, volunteers and even friends and relatives to give up shaving for the month and see what happened.

She finished the month with a moustache-themed day, including a game of Pin the Moustache on the Man, Tash Mismatch, and a quiz about famous moustache wearers. Several of the ladies attending even decided to get into the spirit of things and wear false moustaches!

At the end of the party, three volunteers could stand it no longer and shaved off their facial hair right then.

Volunteer David Gallacher was one of those who did. He said: "It's definitely not permanent! It's too inconvenient. If I have a wee sip of brandy at night and then I get up in the morning and I can still taste it. I used to have big sideburns but it's too complicated to shave. It feels better now it's gone."

Scheme Manager Gary Elgey even got in on the act, and refused to shave his off on the last day of November. "I'm going to Nottingham at the weekend, and I hope I can get a few more people to give me some money," he said.

Resident Maureen Hughes said she had enjoyed the month. "They all look very handsome," she explained. "I've not told them that though; it'd just go to their heads!"

Picture: The men of Camoys Court pose with their moustaches, along with a picture of Locksmith® April Harper's husband, who also gave up shaving for the month.

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