A Nostalgic Tea Party in Hereford

8th December, 2011

Residents at The Rose Garden in Hereford were invited to a local primary school for an afternoon of nostalgia.


Year Six pupils at St Paul's CE Primary School had been learning about the Second World War and staged a wartime concert, complete with ration food for refreshments, to share with their family, friends and residents from the ExtraCare retirement village.

Ten residents went on a minibus to the nearby primary school and listened to the children singing wartime songs, talking about what they'd learnt, showing a dance and even playing music on ukeleles.

Village Activity Facilitator Lynn Mulderrig said she thought the afternoon was a great idea. "I think it's really important to work with kids. It benefits us and them - a lot of children love spending time with older people, and our residents really enjoy being with the kids. It's great."

The event also got residents talking about their own experiences during the war, ranging all the way from being a child living at home with evacuees through to Marjorie, who was a mechanic on the Spitfire planes.

Madeleine Went remembered having an evacuee living with her family. "He stayed with us for the whole time, it was like having a brother. I was only twelve and we were quite close. A lot of people in Hereford had evacuees living with them because it was much safer, even though a lot of war work was done here."

She added that the children's performances had made her feel quite emotional. "It really brought a lump to my throat hearing the songs that we used to sing."

Picture: Lynn and resident Frank pose with Year Six teacher Robert Hollis, who was all dressed up for the day.

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