A Christmas Present for New Oscott Village

5th December, 2011

New Oscott Village's gym members have been given a generous Christmas present from the local Rotary Club - £1,000 towards new equipment.


ExtraCare staff, residents and volunteers celebrated by holding a Christmas-themed day at the retirement village last week, including a Christmas fayre and a Christmas lights switch-on.

Crafts tutors and residents sold items they had made throughout the year at the Christmas Fayre. Knitting club leader Ann Jones was thrilled with how her group had done. "We made over £200," she said. "We're quite well-known around here, and we've raised more than that over the year because we often get orders in."

Father Christmas came along with his reindeer and sleigh to turn on the lights in the village, and residents and staff all agreed how lovely the decorations are this year.

Ann said: "It's very traditional, red and green, much nicer than when you see decorations that are purple and black or other colours like that. This is lovely - it must have taken the staff a very long time, but it looks really good. They've done a good job."

Staff have even left a model of Santa Claus in the reception area, wearing an ExtraCare name badge, and several residents have enjoyed asking him for gifts including a toyboy and a yacht!

Picture: New Oscott residents cluster around their newest volunteer - Santa!

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